Best of 2014: The Lost Weekend Love Fest #4


2014 MVP - The Mighty Meat Juice!

2014 MVP – The Mythical Meat Juice!

 Our First Year Is in the Books Up Here At The Mighty 4WBS!

Jail sentences were narrowly missed, overdoses side stepped, feelings were hurt and plenty of killer skating went down. Looks as if the mighty 4 Wheel Back Scratchers first year was a resounding roller coaster of mid range success! Seems only fitting that we should partake in a little memory lane action and pay proper homage to the kick ass year that was 2014.

Best Weekend Love Fest

 Having a full life of non skating duties to contend with my life as a semi professional skateboard blogger created a brilliant idea of trying to pack 4 days into the 2 days we are allotted on the weekend. In order to bring you the high quality content we deliver we just needed more time than the space time continuum allowed. Luckily a late night online search yielded a fake truck stop meth recipe that not only helped keep us awake during these missions but helped our skateboarding and creative skills tremendously. Unfortunately, much like a lot lizard on real time crank soon learns, there is physical karma you have to pay when cheating the bodies natural system. By the time this last WLF was over we knew we were done. This trip was the proverbial nail in the coffin and during a couple points in the trip I wasn’t sure if a real coffin may be needed or not. Fremont to Lathrop to Elk Grove to Sacramento to Beeble’s Bowl to Truckee to St Helena then finally the Ark in Santa Rosa. All in a single weekend spiced up with not only the afformentioned truck stop formula but mind altering fungus that would make Albert Hoffman proud. Shit got sketchy to say the least!

Enjoy this last installment of WLF……. cuz it aint going down again!



Favorite Photo With A Skateboard Under Your Feet

Buttersworth Handling a Proper Monty over the Hip at Beeb's While Gary Contemplates Life

Buttersworth Not Letting a Raised Tippy Toe Get In The Way Of Handling A Proper Monty Over The Hip At The Beeb’s! Homeboy Not Only Rolled Away But He Did It With Style To Spare. It’s Worthington’s World – Your Just A lucky Onlooker.


Favorite Photo With a Board In Your Teeth

Terry The Tree Eating Where He Shits..


Blog Of The Year – WLF #3

Don't Worry Be Happy

Drink Em If You To Got Em! Wlf #3 Saw The Disappearance Of Casalty, The Pitfalls Of Found Cocaine And The Loss Of Old Friends. Sometimes The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword And Debauchery Takes Center Stage Over Your Skateboards.


Hottest Vertical Smile

As Far As Sexiness Goes the Vs Team Is Hotter Than One Direction Right Now. The Final Battle Was Between Hot Cheese And Big Butt Blake – When BB Hit Us With This This Morrissey Inspired Pose The Contest Was Clearly Over.


 Most Likely To Get Gay Married

Dude On Dude

I Don’t Mean To Sound Rude But These 2 Guys Love Dude On Dude! The Overturn of Proposition 8 Couldn’t Have Come Too Soon For Salty and @Joe


Favorite New Spot

Barry The Blunt Attacks The Sickest Backyard Pit In Truckee While Sunday Morning Coming Down Blares In Is Head

After Nearly Losing Our Minds The Night Before, We Somehow Not Only Managed To Skate This Glorious Backyard Pit,  But Some Dudes Actually Killed It! Barry The Blunt Was Not Letting Random Fits Of Schizophrenia Deter His Sesh – Homeboy Attacked The Truckee Terrain While “Sunday Morning Coming Down” Replayed Over And Over In His Head.


Biggest Bed Shit: Huggie’s big Day Out

Joe Portrait

“Huggie’s Big Day Out” Started Out Productive As Fuck Then Quickly Turned To Shit. Broken Promises And Bottomless Mimosa’s Were The Eventual Call Of The Day And All Previous Progress We Cultivated Halted Dead In Its Tracks. Directly After We Were Thrown Out On Our Asses The Restaurant Pictured Above Promptly Quit Their Saturday Promotion Of Unlimited Servings Of This Tasty Beverage. I Guess There Isn’t Much Profit To Be Made When You Handle 35 Each.


Least Likely to Start A Legitimate Business

It's Hard To Believe But True! Steeping Away From His Long Career As Personal Joint Roller For Ted Nugent Our Very Own Hesher420 Has Started His Own Business Teaching Others How To Properly Start And Win Instagram Wars. We Couldn't Be More Proud Of the Dude!

It’s Hard To Believe But It’s True! Stepping Away From His Long Career As a Bong Photographer Our Very Own Hesher420 Has Started His Own Business; Teaching Others How To Properly Start And Win Instagram Wars. We Couldn’t Be More Proud Of the Dude!




2014 MVP (meaty’s very productive)

Like a modern day viking destroying all that is in his path, Ryan left nothing behind but broken trucks and chipped coping at every spot he shredded. Meaty slayed all that came before him in 2014 and even at the ripe old age of 72, homeboy shows no sign of slowing down. All hail the Mighty Meat Juice!



Best Socializing AD On The Interwebs 

VS-Shit-Starter-Web-Banner 3

Something has to fund our trips and there is no better way than our quality wood under your feet. Unlike other crowd funding lameness, our product is done and ready to shred. Killer shapes for everyone from the gromiest of groms to the crustiest of crusters, a killer price and a killer cause to support- click the fucking banner already and support our program of shred.

That’s a wrap for 2014! Plenty of  fresh content and shenanigans coming your way in the year of the goat!


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