What the Fuck Is a 4 Wheel Backscratcher?


Baby BROdela at the Blood Bowl, Oakland CA

About The Mighty 4 Wheel Backscratcher

What the fuck is a 4 wheel backscratcher? The obvious answer is It’s your skateboard that happens to also double for a sweet backscratcher. However in this case the answer is it was the name of the first and only zine I did in my younger years.My buddy Tim Mulgrew and I had the brilliant idea to create a skate zine where every cover had a naked person scratching their back with a skateboard. In our youthful brilliance we decided the content of the zine didn’t matter as much as the photo on the cover- and as long as the photo on the cover always had a hot girl scratching her back with a skateboard we were going to be successful publishers of the skate worlds hottest zine. Well easier said than done because whether 4WBS would have gone on to be a smash hit or not was never to be realized. After our initial offering we called it quits and sadly 4WBS would never make it to round 2. Making zines back in the late 80’s was a whole hell’uva a lot of work that we weren’t prepared for and our true passions were better served shredding on a skateboard than writing and taking pictures of other people doing it.

As the years went on though I did make a half ass attempt to be a skateboard journalist but found out dealing with editors wasn’t my strong suit so a career at a skate mag never quite materialized for me either. However I did quite a bit of ad work and more than a few freelance articles for this or that mag throughout the years. While photography always came in second place to riding a skateboard I have compiled a shit load of photos over that last 2 decades and the thought getting a website going has been on the bucket list for a few years. The more I thought of it though the idea of putting up a site just to display my photos just didn’t appeal to me. My favorite thing about skateboarding is the bond and friendship you create with other skateboarders and I happen to hang out with some of the most creative funny bastards on 4 wheels. Then voila! A idea of genius proportions happened A couple years ago while on a trip to the famous Mushroom Mountain near Shasta California. A vision came to me not unlike the burning bush in the days of Moses- create something like that first ill fated zine but with this modern day crew of heathens! So here you have it, a updated version of what 4 Wheel Back Scratcher could have been only with the ease of use of modern day tools plus a new crew of unusual suspects. A site built on our skateboard history and our shaky future chalked fresh with blogs, videos, photo galleries, shit talking and top notch skateboards for sale. So get scratching bitches or get lost cuz we’re finally getting things in gear!

Yours (Mostly) Truly!

Bruce Rodela

About our Stuntwood:

It’s true, we have special secret access to the top skateboard factory in the industry. Our wood is from the great lakes (best maple in the world), cold pressed, franklin glue (specifically designed for skateboards) and we use more pressure in our presses than other manufacturers (creating a longer lasting board board with better pop). Combine all that along with the hottest shapes around and our boards a great buy at any price! The fact that we offer them at a deep discount only makes life that much more worth living. Download the shape list here and get to buying some wood bitches! All proceeds go to 4WBS road trips so buy often and in large amounts so we can come to your town to shred your spots and close down your bars.

The 4WBS Crew: Get at us on Insta!

Bruce “BROdela” Rodela:

images-BRODELA2  Skating since the dawn of time with no plans to slow down anytime soon. The un-official official photographer, videographer, thought provoker and vacation planner of the mighty 4WBS. While others are just puffing their chest with bravado when they claim they are “going to skate until they can’t walk” Rodzilla is a human guinea pig in the experiment.

 Ryan “Meat Juice” Carpenter:

hipster-instagram-open With evenly split DNA from Humans and Neanderthal Ryan is technically a beast on and off board. You would think that someone with such savage biological background wouldn’t have a soft side but homeboy is quite a sensitive artist when needed. A graphic designer extraordinaire for sure but check out his grip tape art to see his true craftsmanship- it’s a thing of beauty!

James “Casalty” Casale:

cat Instagram Salty Equal parts skateboarder,Pro instagrammer, chef, mind expander and pimp! Casalty is a living art piece that everyone should visit. Watch out though because after he kills your skate spot he will probably smoke all your weed, steal your girlfriend then beat you up. Jah Mess is definitely not worried about your opinion

Gerardo “Hot Cheese” Peniche:

instagram-etiquette-hot  Offspring of a love child between Antonio Banderas and the guy on the Tapatio bottle, Hot Cheese has been voted the most desirable man in skateboarding 4 years straight. Not to be labeled as one trick pony though you can also catch him turning lesbians straight at various dance party’s across the northwest. A true renaissance man!

Hesh “Hesher420” Hesher:

hesher 420 Please be careful when hunting for bigfoot! If you see a Sasquatch taking photos of interesting subjects while holding a bong please don’t shoot- it might just be Hesher. Part philosopher, part artist but fully radical- Hesh is a rolling quagmire of fun and joy! Please follow his instagram now