Hunter S . Hoodward: The Lost Nor Cal DIY Files

John Worthington _Frontside Hurricane To Fakie_Hoodward_6-2015

Chillers Chill!

The (almost) Complete Guide to Nor Cal’s DIY Spots: The Lost Sessions

Unused Gem’s from Confusion Magazine #12


-“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.”

Napoleon Hill

Have you peeped the result of our year long journey gallivanting across Northern California DIY hunting? If you are unaware of what I am talking about check out our latest Confusion Magazine article on Nor Cal DIY that just came out in issue #12. The crew took our usual weekend trips of mobil gas station meth, sugary treats and lack of sleep to the the next level and stretched it out to a whole damn year of shred. The famous Weekend Love Fest became a full blown 2015 fuck fest, and while it took me away from any type of consistent posts on this glorious blog, it not only produced the aforementioned Confusion article but it set me up with enough content for this site to last throughout 2016. And if that wasn’t enough for you loyal 4wbs fans, we will be putting out a full video in conjunction with Confusion Magazine and a online book with all the DIY spots in Nor Cal by this coming Summer. Most definitely a year well spent if you ask us! Continue reading