Shaved Sasquatch’s and Broken Dreams: The End of the Nor Cal DIY Mission


The (almost) Complete (leftover) Guide to Nor Cal’s DIY Spots: The Forgotten Files

More Unused Snapshot’s from Confusion Magazine #12


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” 
– Allen Saunders

It’s true, I had the grandest of plans for my dissertation on Northern California’s vast DIY projects. Finish the article for Confusion magazine, put out a few blogs with the left overs, release a sweet video sometime around summer then finish my online book of all the DIY spots we visited over the last year or so. Problem is, life has a tendency to get in the way at times and recently some killer new business opportunities came up and some old pressing obligations have kept me busy as shit. Unfortunately that means the aforementioned grand illusions have been kept at bay. This labor of love I’ve been working on has to come to an end though because the sad truth is, the time to complete this in full will never materialize and these clips and photos need to get out. So here is what will be the last post on this site with the “2nd best leftover photos” and a sweet teaser for the full edit that will be on confusion magazine soon. Continue reading

Hunter S . Hoodward: The Lost Nor Cal DIY Files

John Worthington _Frontside Hurricane To Fakie_Hoodward_6-2015

Chillers Chill!

The (almost) Complete Guide to Nor Cal’s DIY Spots: The Lost Sessions

Unused Gem’s from Confusion Magazine #12


-“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.”

Napoleon Hill

Have you peeped the result of our year long journey gallivanting across Northern California DIY hunting? If you are unaware of what I am talking about check out our latest Confusion Magazine article on Nor Cal DIY that just came out in issue #12. The crew took our usual weekend trips of mobil gas station meth, sugary treats and lack of sleep to the the next level and stretched it out to a whole damn year of shred. The famous Weekend Love Fest became a full blown 2015 fuck fest, and while it took me away from any type of consistent posts on this glorious blog, it not only produced the aforementioned Confusion article but it set me up with enough content for this site to last throughout 2016. And if that wasn’t enough for you loyal 4wbs fans, we will be putting out a full video in conjunction with Confusion Magazine and a online book with all the DIY spots in Nor Cal by this coming Summer. Most definitely a year well spent if you ask us! Continue reading

Phil Shao: Simply The Best

One of my foremost intentions for starting the mighty 4WBS was to post a gallery of the photos I collected with Phil back in the day. Even though I’m usually never at a loss for words, for some reason it has been extremely tough for me to find the proper way to describe what an incredible person Phil was and what he meant to me. Even after a year of this site being up, and this post being one of the major reasons for getting it going, the photos just sat on my hard drive collecting cyber dust due to some sort of strange writers block. I have some killer stories I could share too: the first time meeting him at his ramp in Redwood City, the road trips we went on, the late night talks about life, consuming copious amounts of LSD and breaking hippies hearts at the Grateful Dead shows, just to name a few. After much creative turmoil though something just didn’t feel right about sharing them on this blog. Luckily for all of us, Mark Whitley has penned an incredible article on Phil that is a must read for anyone interested in his life. He really did an amazing  job and I will go as far as saying it should be required reading for every skateboarder. Continue reading

Best of 2014: The Lost Weekend Love Fest #4


2014 MVP - The Mighty Meat Juice!

2014 MVP – The Mythical Meat Juice!

 Our First Year Is in the Books Up Here At The Mighty 4WBS!

Jail sentences were narrowly missed, overdoses side stepped, feelings were hurt and plenty of killer skating went down. Looks as if the mighty 4 Wheel Back Scratchers first year was a resounding roller coaster of mid range success! Seems only fitting that we should partake in a little memory lane action and pay proper homage to the kick ass year that was 2014. Continue reading

Weekend Love Fest #3: Art Show Blow to the Face

Wanted Dead or Alive

Wanted Dead or Alive


Acquisitions, Escapes and Broken Dreams

It was bound to happen. I mean really, I’ve never seen someone make more love from social networking than Casalty so there was bound to be a salacious scandal at some point. On Instagram alone he was up to astronomical numbers then Tinder comes along and it was like stealing candy from a baby. Which ironically is what got him into so much trouble I guess you could say. See it turns out one of his liaisons was a bit younger than most and pops wasn’t so happy that Ball Coozy was hanging around this budding beauty. The option he laid out was simple “you better get the fuck out of town by high noon or there is going to be a bloody showdown.” I realize that’s some corny cowboy shit but Jah Mess took heed and headed out nonetheless. Don’t get me wrong Salt Mine is both equal parts lover and fighter and it’s not like him to back down from a good scuffle but the thought of heading to the sunny beaches of Costa Rica to lay low for a bit sounded better than squaring off against a pissed off dad. Continue reading