Shaved Sasquatch’s and Broken Dreams: The End of the Nor Cal DIY Mission


The (almost) Complete (leftover) Guide to Nor Cal’s DIY Spots: The Forgotten Files

More Unused Snapshot’s from Confusion Magazine #12


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” 
– Allen Saunders

It’s true, I had the grandest of plans for my dissertation on Northern California’s vast DIY projects. Finish the article for Confusion magazine, put out a few blogs with the left overs, release a sweet video sometime around summer then finish my online book of all the DIY spots we visited over the last year or so. Problem is, life has a tendency to get in the way at times and recently some killer new business opportunities came up and some old pressing obligations have kept me busy as shit. Unfortunately that means the aforementioned grand illusions have been kept at bay. This labor of love I’ve been working on has to come to an end though because the sad truth is, the time to complete this in full will never materialize and these clips and photos need to get out. So here is what will be the last post on this site with the “2nd best leftover photos” and a sweet teaser for the full edit that will be on confusion magazine soon. Continue reading

Best of 2014: The Lost Weekend Love Fest #4


2014 MVP - The Mighty Meat Juice!

2014 MVP – The Mythical Meat Juice!

 Our First Year Is in the Books Up Here At The Mighty 4WBS!

Jail sentences were narrowly missed, overdoses side stepped, feelings were hurt and plenty of killer skating went down. Looks as if the mighty 4 Wheel Back Scratchers first year was a resounding roller coaster of mid range success! Seems only fitting that we should partake in a little memory lane action and pay proper homage to the kick ass year that was 2014. Continue reading