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SF To Ripon Day Trippin Cuz My Axles Aint Slippin


 Yes the squads on performance enhancing drugs, that should be obvious by now. However instead of waxing poetically about what went into accomplishing this brutal day trip on the Snuggle Blog i’m just throwing it up here on our video page for your viewing pleasure. Pontificating about another Weekend Love Fest was getting a little exhausting so i thought i would spare you all the dirty little details that took place on this particular uber mission. Trust me though, a new Weekend Love Fest for our loyal readers is right around the corner so please don’t worry yourself that WLF is over. Plenty of even dirtier details about our epic Truckee voyage is right around the bend!

– BROdela



Please enjoy the #1 skateboard adventure video of 2013


Reviews of Pretty Shitty:

“A visual Masterpiece of epic proportions!”  – Grant Brittian, The Skateboard Mag

” I thought we were gnarly but these guys are on a whole other level of rad!” – Jake Phelps, Thrasher Magazine

” I wish we would have thought of this name- fucking genius!” -Rick Howard, Girl Skateboards

” Wang dang sweet poon tang!” – Ted Nugent, Hunter


And for your added enjoyment: